Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am ARES !

I am ARES !
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pre-Order NS Bikes 2010. MTB Street & Fixed Trick.

NS Martin Slim Grips
Price : 580 Bath.
These Signature grips have been designed from the ground up by NS Bikes together with superstar team rider Martin Soderstrom.
They are a single ply Kraton soft rubber using a multi direction reinforced ribbed pattern - like everything NS they have gone all-out in design and testing to ensure that even a simple grip will perform better than any other on the market. The reinforced ribbed pattern ensure they are a slim yet soft grip for those who ride with or without gloves, but wont wear down quickly like other soft grips on the market.
Also included with all Martin Slim grips is a universal plastic bolt on bar end. Made using an elastomer insert you can be sure these will fit inside any bar, be it steel or aluminium.
Diameter: 28.5mm
Length: 147mm (with flange) 141mm (flange removed)
Material: Soft Kraton Rubber
Colours: Black, Clear, Purple, Blue, Orange

NS Quark Pro 2010
Price : 2,600 Bath
Using NS' own custom extrusion mold these stems are now cold-forged before going into some heavy CNC machining to cut down weight without compromising strength. The aggressive short reach and zero rise make this the ultimate stem for new-school riding. The finishes are powder coat paint on the white stem and high‐polish anodizing with laser etched logos on the other colors.
Weight: 25.4mm 175g, 31.8mm 190g
Material: 6061 T6 Alloy
Clamp: 25.4mm or 31.8mm
Size: Length: 40mm Rise: 0 deg
Colours: Black, White, Grey, Purple.

NS District 2010
Price : 2,400 Bath
NS pro riders requested NS to introduce these new‐school bars so here we go: 28' (710mm) wide with more back-sweep (10 deg) so it feels good and comfy even uncut. The custom shape bends are really relaxed. But on the other side the geo still allow to cut the bars quite a bit... The new District bars feature new multiple butting to keep them on the light side even if they are uncut. The extra feature is the knurling on the center to avoid any possibility of the bar slipping / moving. It also helps you positioning the bar in the stem. The District fits both bmx & mtb stems as they are 22.2 clamp size but the 25.4‐>22.2 shims are included. Please note that two sizes are available low (2.5 inch) and high (3.5”). Specs: Weight: 500g (low) 520g (high) Clamp: 22.2mm (inc. 25.4mm shim) Height: 2.5inch, 3.5inch Sweep: 10deg back / 4deg up Colours: Black, White, Orange , Blue

NS New Mint Bar
Price : 1,900 Bath
The all new NS Mint bar is the successor of the popular Jalapeno Bar, however geometry now is a little more aggressive. Slightly higher and similar sweet to the Proof bar, but at a more affordable price.
Material: Aluminium
Width: 710mm
Height: 76mm (3")
Sweep: TBA
Weight: 390g
Colours: Black, White

NS RNS V2 Fork 2010
Price : 6,800 Bath
The RNS fork has been fine-tuned for 2010 for max weight saving. This really is as good as it gets when it comes to MTB rigid forks.
For 2010 NS have introduced a cool looking and functional compression device. This high end alloy 7075 top cup will still work w/o any modification even after you cut your steertube.
The top cup looks really clean and features 8mm & 6mm allen hex sockets.
Material: High end triple butted & tapered cromoly tubing
Height: 420 mm
Rake: 26 mm
Weight: 1.26kg

NS Fundamental V2 Fork 2010
Price : 5,800 Bath
The new, lighter 2010 version of Fundamental-2 features triple butted and tapered blades straight from the 2009 RNS-2. However NS kept the proven reinforced steertube, dropouts strong enough for grinding and what is really important, delivering a much better fork in a very similar price range. The geometry remains the same in 2010. Even though the fork now has smaller dropouts, it's still possible to run pegs.
Material: High end triple butted & tapered cromoly tubing
Height: 435 mm
Rake: 30 mm
Weight: 1.39 kg
Colours: Black, White, Red

Pre-Order NS Bikes 2010. MTB Street & Fixed Trick.
เปิดจอง NS 2010 แล้ว ชุดแต่งเทพ ทั้งสาย MTB และสาย Fixed Trick ทุกรายการ พร้อมกลางเดือนมกราคมนี้
Rollya : 087-919-7719
Store : 02-7192152

CREAM BMX and FIXED Magazine !! Soon.

CREAM BMX and FIXED Magazine !! Soon.
CREAM BMX Magazine #36
CREAM Fixé magazine #2
All Price : 280 Bath
Pre-Order Now
Rollya : 087-919-7719
Store : 02-7192152

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rollya All In One !!!

Rollya All In One !!!
เวลาช่างรวดเร็วเหลือเกิน หนึ่งปีผ่านไป แต่ยิ่งเร็วก็ยิ่งมันส์ เพราะ Product 2010 ตัวเป็นๆ กำลังตั้งเเถวเดินทางเข้า สนามบิน Rollya มาให้เราทดสอบเล่น รอดูกันให้ดี เราคัดสรรค์เเต่ยี่ห้อชั้นนำของโลกยุคใหม่ เพื่อตอบสนองความเป็นคนเหนือคน และ กระเเสโลกพัฒนาที่หนีห่างเราไปทุกที ปีหน้ามีอะไรมันส์ๆ เพียบ คอยติดตามกันต่อไป